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Volume 4 (2) - 1981


Segnalazione di crioturbazioni nei depositi costituenti il terrazzo “Fluviale recente” a Tortona (Piemonte – Italia) – Finding of Cryoturbations in Alluvial Terrace of “Fluviale recente” near Tortona (Piedmont Italy)

Pages 75-86


Sandy deposits made up of thin alternate layers of silt and clay levels have been found at a depth between 2.80 and 3.78 m on an alluvial terrace of the “Fluviale recente”, located on the right bank of the River Scrivia. The sedimentary sequence is characterised by involutions which, on the basis of their morphological and textural features, can be shown to be cryoturbation. The more probable age of this sedimentary sequence seems to be the interglacial Riss-Würm. The cryoturbations, instead, show epigenetic origin; they belong to a stadial which is not more recent than Würm III.

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