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Volume 9 (1) - 1986


Una nuova data 14C per la storia della deglaciazione del bacino del Lago di Como – A new 14C date for the deglaciation of the Lake Como basin

Pages 56-58


Cores obtained from boreholes drilled in the town of Como are composed of glacio-lacustrine sediments covered by fluviatile gravel of local provenance. A layer of black sand at the base of the gravel contains wood remains of Pinus cf. sylvestris/montana, Larix/Picea, Acer sp., from which a 14C age of 11 730 ± 180 b.p. has been obtained. This is a first minimum age for the complete deglaciation of the Lake Como basin. Previously, during a Late-Glacial phase, an ice tongue in the Como basin should have dammed a proglacial lake, about 70 m higher than the present lake, draining South of Como into the Seveso Valley.

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