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Volume 11 (1) - 1988


Primi risultati delle ricerche sul bilancio di massa al Ghiacciaio della Sforzellina (Gruppo del Cevedale, Alpi Centrali) – First results of the mass balance investigations on the Sforzellina Glacier (Cevedale Group, Central Alps)

Pages 25-30


Glacier mass balance investigations on the Sfozellina Glacier in the Ortles-Cevedale Group (Valtellina, Central Alps) have been carried out in the 1986-1987 budget year. After a short introduction on the morphological characteristics of the glacier and on the behaviour of its snout from 1925, the resulte of the mass balance is described. This was strongly negative with a total loss of 384.000 m3 of water equivalent, corresponding to an average water depth of 920 mm. The glacier is in a state of unbalance with respect to the ratio accumulation area and ablation area. These results are preliminary correlated to the climatic conditions of the meteorological station of S. Caterina Valfurva, 1 740 m.

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