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Volume 12 (1) - 1989


I climi montani. Un invito a ricerche sistematiche – Mountain Climate: a proposal for sistematic Research

Pages 35-39


Althoug remarkable progress has been made in these last decades, still very poor are our knowledges of the climatic conditions of the mountain regions. Nevertheless it is necessary to know much more about the mountain climatic environment, because a great number of economic activities are nowadays developping. After having briefly mentioned the first studies on mountain meteorology and climatology, the author affirms that these researches are today still hindered by the adverse climatic environment in altitude. Nowadays there are many studies on the Alps, but we still have poor knowledges about the climate of other great mountain chains, such as Hymalaya, Andes, etc. At the end the author wants to invite climatologists to carry out systematic studies on mountainous regions.

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