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Volume 13 (1) - 1990


I terrazzi marini della Penisola di Crotone (Calabria) – The marine pleistocene terraces of the Crotone Peninsula (Calabria,Italy)

Pages 75-80


After the filling of the Crotone-Spartivento basin and the dislocation of its sediments, four more sedimentary events, connected with glacioeustatic oscillations of the sea level, affected the Crotone Peninsula. During these events, four thin sedimentary covers have been deposited; starting from the highest and the oldest, they can be respectively dated back to the Crotonian (about 330 000 years B.P.) and the three following tirrhenian pulsations (about 125 000 years B.P., substage 5e; about 100 000 years B.P., substage 5c; about 80 000 years B.P., substage 5a). In same places the subaerial remodelling and the tectonic dislocations affected their top-surfaces, arranged in a flightshape between the altitude of 240 m and the sea. The results of this study allowed to estimate that during the Late Pleistocene the mean rate of the Crotone Peninsula rising is ahout 0,4 m/ka.

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