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Volume 16 (2) - 1993


Confronto tra i deflussi minimi e quelli calcolati con il metodo di Thornthwaite in due piccoli bacini della Valle Gesso, Alpi Marittime – Measured water runoff and calculated water runoff with Thornthwaite’s method in two little watersheds of the Gesso valley, Marittime Alps

Pages 183-191


The principal elements of the environment and of the climate of the Gesso della Valletta and of the Gesso di Entracque watersheds have been analysed. They were subtended by two hydrographic stations. Montly and yearly water balance was calculated by using Thornthwaite’s method. To this end it has been necessary to compute the thermometrical and the pluviometrical gradients, from which the temperatures at high altitude and weighed rainfall of both basins were valued. Measured and calculated yearly water runoff were compared: a negative difference of 1,1% for the Gesso della Valletta and a positive one of 8,7% for the Gesso di Entracque were found.

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