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Volume 17 (1) - 1994


Le tracce di alcune variazioni del livello del Mare olocenico tra Torre dell’Orso e Otranto (Lecce) – The traces of some Holocenic sea-level changes between Torre dell’Orso and Otranto (Lecce, Italy)

Pages 55-60


Along the Adriatic southern coast of Apulia traces of mean sea-level changes are recognizable at different heigt both above and below its present position. Numerous detailed profiles carried out down to 15 m below m.s.l. allow us to recognize four Holocenic sea-level stands. During the Holocenic rise the sea-level stood about 7 m below the present sea level first and then rose up to 3 metres above it. This last event occurred probably during the Climatic Optimum. Afterwards during two following retreats, the sea-level lowered at + 2 m first and then to 4 m below the present sea level. Some archaeological data collected in the Apulian coastal area allow us to refer this last event to 2500 years b.p. Finally, the sea-level rose up to its present position.

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