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Volume 18 (1) - 1995


Relazioni tra permafrost alpino e copertura nevosa: risultati preliminari (Area del Foscagno, Sondrio, Italia) – Relationships from mountain permafrost and snow cover: preliminary results (Valtellina, Italy)

Pages 25-29


During the 1994 winter some investigations about relationships between permafrost occurrence and winter snow cover were carried out in Valtellina (Central Alps). BTS meaurements and nivologic profiles were recorded in the three sites particularly significant from the geomorphological point of view (area without permafrost, possible and certain permafrost areas) at the same day. Preliminary results indicate that between permafrost areas and areas without permafrost, the crystalline characteristics of the snow in the basal layers are different. In fact, in the first case, snow is characterized by equithermic metamorphism (destructive). These snow characteristics create a feedback process which delays the snow melting in permafrost occurence areas, improving the aggradation and conservation of permafrost.

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