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Volume 21 (1) - 1998


Geomorphology of Neogene volcanic mountains in Hungary

Pages 79-85


Tilts paper summarizes the achievements of detailed field work carried out over more than 40 years, compares the results with earlier held views and presents the methods elaborated for this research. These latter are; the study comparison of tandforms in relation to geological structure, liihology and bedding and a detailed analysis and interpretation of drainage patterns. The analysis of drainage patterns provide valuable information for the reconstruction of volcanic forms, since ihe main lines of the original (incipient) drainage network are preserved. Drainage patterns characteristic of the various types of volcanoes arc presented; the direct and indirect impacts of primary volcanic features and their governing function in denudation are demonstrated. The original forms and sequence of erosion in the Tertiary volcanic areas are outlined •with regard to the extent of postvolcanic tectonic movements and their major impact on gcomor-phic evolution. It is on this basis that the volcanic mountains and individual paleovolcsmoes in Hungary are classified.

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