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Volume 24 (1) - 2001


Geomorphological map of the Trigno basin (Italy): explanatory Notes

Pages 3-12


A new 1:50,000 Geomorphological Map of the Trigno River basin (Molise Region; Italy) is being presented and discussed in this paper. It represents the reduction of the original mapping at a scale of 1:5,000 which was obtained through both field surveys and aerial photo interpretation. Besides the main relic landforms showing the Pliocene- Quaternary evolution of the area, the Map also shows in detail the distribution of the most recent and active geomorphic phenomena. The present paper contains information about the materials and methods used as well as the geological-geomorphological setting of the mapped area. Moreover, it explains the meaning of the less standardised terms used in the Key and gives additional information about the age, magnitude and/or causal factors of some geomorphic phenomena recognised in the area.

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