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Supplements of Geografia Fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria
Volume IV - 2001


Illustrative Notes of the Geomorphological Map of Po Plain


Forme legate a interventi antropici – Forms connected to anthropic activities

Pages 123-139


The morphological actions of man cover a;’~very .wide field. Briefly, they may be subdivided into: actions which directly create specific forms; and indirect effects which human actions baue on geomorphological processes.ruibich thus lose their naturalcharacter to a greater or lesserextent. When studying a region such as the Po Plain, due to its antiquity and density of.antbropization, the historicaldevelopment ofhuman intervention on the territory should also be borne in mind. After a short introduction to historicaldevelopment, the following sections illustrate lhevarious forms of anthropic origin shown on the Geomorphological Map, with details and references. The question of environmental impact is illustratedin this chapter and in Chapter 14 (egeomorpbologicalaspects with environmental implications»). Other influences due to man’s activities on the evolution of various geomorphological processes are also discussed in Chapters 9 (fluvial processes), 10 (littoralprocesses) and 15 (the whole set of responses of the fluvial system).

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