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Volume 17 (2) – 1994



  • BONDESAN A., CAPRA A., GUBELLINI. & TISON.L, On the use of static GPS measurements to record the tidal response of a small antarctic ice shelf (Hells Gate Ice Shelf, Victoria Land), Pages 123-129.
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  • BRANCACCIO L., FIUME M.G., GRIMALDI M., RAPOLLA A. & ROMANO P., Analisi gravimetrica e geomorfologica della valle del torrente Solofrana (Campania) e considerazioni sulla sua variazione quaternaria – Gravity and geomorphological analysis of the Solofrana Stream Valky (Campania) and considerations on its quaternary evolution, Pages 131-137.
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  • CARRARA C., CREMASCHI M. & DAI PRA G., Sea level variations, deposits and Pleistocene morphogenesis in the Pontine Islands (Tyrrhenian Sea), Pages 139-153.
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  • CENCETTI C., CONVERSINI P. & REBALDI C., Geomorphological Map and main features of the area between Mt. Fumaiolo and Valsavignone (Upper Tiber River Basin, Central Italy), Pages 155-162.
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  • CILLA G., COLTORTI M. & DRAMIS F., Holocene fluvial dynamics in mountain areas: the case of the River Esino (Umbria-Marche Appenines), Pages 163-174.
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  • LI VIGNI T. & SAVA A., An evaluation of fluvial erosion in the Calore Lucano basin (Southern Italy), Pages 175-185.
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  • OSMAN SALLEH K., Colluvium thickness and its relationships to vegetation cover density and slope gradient: an observation for part of Murcia Province SE Spain, Pages 187-195.
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  • PELFINI M., Equilibrium line altitude (ELA) variations by Ortles-Cevedale Glaciers (Lombardy, Italy) from Little Ice Age to Present, Pages, Pages 197-206.
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  • PELFINI M. & GORZA S., Dendrogeomorfologia applicata allo studio delle colate laviche del 1928, 1971 e 1979 sul M. Etna – Dendrogeomorphology applied to the study of 1928, 1971 and 1979 14 lava flows on Mount Etna, Pages 207-218
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    - Operators (Full Text PDF)
    - Fluctuations of the Italian glaciers 1992-1993 (Full Text PDF)
    - Piemonte-Valle d’Aosta Sector (Full Text PDF)
    - Lombardia Sector (Full Text PDF)
    - Triveneto Sector (Full Text PDF)
  • ATTI UFFICIALI del Comitato Glaciologico Italiano, Pages 275-279.
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