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Volume 29 (2) – 2006



  • CENDRERO A., REMONDO J., BONACHEA J., RIVAS V. & SOTO J., Sensitivity of landscape evolution and geomorphic processes to direct and indirect human influence, Pages 125-137.
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  • BUSONI E. & COLICA A., Influence of land use changes on landscape factors and characteristics of a Pliocene basin, Pages 139-152.
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  • BRUSCHI V., CENDRERO A., OTERO C., IGLESIAS A., BONACHEA J., LAZARO M. & TOGORES R., The application of computer-based procedures for the visual landscape sensitivity assessment, Pages 153-163.
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  • SOLDATI M., BORGATTI L., CAVALLIN A., DE AMICIS M., FRIGERIO S., GIARDINO M., MORTARA G., PELLEGRINI G.B., RAVAZZI C., SURIAN N., TELLINI C. & ZANCHI A., In collaboration with: ALBERTO W., ALBANESE D., CHELLI A., CORSINI A., MARCHETTI M., PALOMBA M. & PANIZZA M., Geomorphological evolution of slopes and climate changes in northern Italy during the Late Quaternary: spatial and temporal distribution of landslides and landscape sensitivity implications, Pages 165-183.
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  • PELLEGRINI G.B., SURIAN N. & ALBANESE D., Landslide activity in response to alpine deglaciation: the case of the Belluno Prealps (Italy), Pages 185-196.
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  • WÓJCIK A., MROZEK T & GRANOSZEWSKI W., Lithological conditioning of landslides and climatic changes with examples from the Beskidy Mts., Western Carpathians, Poland, Pages 197-209.
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    - Operators (Full Text PDF)
    - Fluctuations of the Italian glaciers 2005 (Full Text PDF)
    - Hydrological year 2004-2005: meteorological features for the italian alps (Full Text PDF)
    - Piemonte-Valle d’Aosta Sector (Full Text PDF)
    - Lombardia Sector (Full Text PDF)
    - Triveneto Sector (Full Text PDF)
    - Apennines (Full Text PDF)