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Volume 35 (2) 2012



  • DE WAELE J., FERRARESE F., GRANGER D.E. & SAURO F., Landscape evolution in the Tacchi area (Central-East Sardinia, Italy) based on karst and fluvial morphology and age of cave sediments, Pages 119-127.
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  • FURLANI S., CUCCHI F. & BIOLCHI S., Late Holocene widening of karst voids by marine processes in partially submerged coastal caves (Northeastern Adriatic Sea), Pages 129-140.
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  • REGATTIERI E., ISOLA I., ZANCHETTA G, DRYSDALE R.N., HELLSTROM J.C. & BANESCHI I., Stratigraphy, petrography and chronology of speleothem deposition at Tana che Urla (Lucca, Italy): paleoclimatic implications, Pages 141-152.
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  • SANNA L., GAZQUEZ F. & CALAFORRA J.-M., A geomorphological and speleological approach in the study of hydrogeology of gypsum karst of Sorbas (SE Spain), Pages 153-166.
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  • SAURO F., PICCINI L., MENICHETTI M., ARTONI A. & MIGLIORINI E., Lithological and structural guidance on speleogenesis in Spluga della Preta cave, Lessini Mountains (Veneto, Italy), Pages 167-176.
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  • GINESU S., A new lake in Italy (Southwestern Sardinia): a maar?, Pages 177-184.
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  • SEPPI R., CARTON A., ZUMIANI M., DALL’AMICO M., ZAMPEDRI G. & RIGON R., Inventory, distribution and topographic features of rock glaciers in the southern region of the Eastern Italian Alps (Trentino), Pages 185-197.
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  • VOGEL S. & MÄRKER M., Comparison of pre-AD 79 Roman paleosols in two contrasting paleo-topographical situations around Pompei (Italy), Pages 199-209.
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  • BARONI C., BONDESAN A. & MORTARA G. (eds.), Report of the glaciological survey of 2011, Pages 211-279.
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