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Volume 37 (2) – 2014



  • CAPPELLETTI D., CROCCHIANTI S., D’AQUILA P., IURISCI C., PECCI MASSIMO & PECCI MATTIA, The ephemeral epiglacial lake of the Ghiacciaio del Calderone (Gran Sasso, Italy), Pages 85-89.
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  • DUMITRIU D., Source area lithological control on sediment delivery ratio in Trotuş drainage basin (Eastern Carpathians), Pages 91-100.
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  • LEONELLI G., PELFINI M., PANSERI S., BATTIPAGLIA G., VEZZOLA L. & GIORGI A., Tree-ring stable isotopes, growth disturbances and needles volatile organic compounds as environmental stress indicators at the debris covered Miage Glacier (Monte Bianco Massif, European Alps)., Pages 101-111
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  • SCIARRA N., MARCHETTI D., D’AMATO AVANZI G. & CALISTA M., Rock slope analysis on the complex Livorno coastal cliff (Tuscany, Italy)., Pages 113-130.
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  • BELMONTE-RIBAS A., SANCHO C., MORENO A., LOPEZ-MARTINEZ J. & BARTOLOME M., Present-day environmental dynamics in ice cave A294, Central Pyrenees, Spain., Pages 131-140.
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  • GOMEZ LENDE M., BERENGUER F. & SERRANO E., Morphology, ice types and thermal regime in a high mountain ice cave. First studies applying Terrestrial Laser Scanner in the Peña Castil ice cave (Picos de Europa, Northern Spain), Pages 141-150.
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  • KERN Z. & THOMAS S., Ice level changes from seasonal to decadal time-scales observed in lava tubes, Lava Beds National Monument, NE California, USA, Pages 151-162.
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  • BARONI C., BONDESAN A. & MORTARA G. (eds.), Report of the glaciological survey of 2013, Pages 163-227.
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  • NEWSLETTER, Pages 229-235.
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