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Volume 41 (1) – 2018



  • GFDQ 41 (1) 2018 cover

  • BELLOTTI P., DAVOLI L. & SADORI L., Landscape diachronic reconstruction in the Tiber delta during historical time: a holistic approach, Pages 3-21
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  • BRANDOLINI P., FACCINI F., PALIAGA G. & PIANA P., Man-made landforms survey and mapping of an urban historical center in a coastal mediterranean environment, Pages 23-34
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  • CERRATO R., SALVATORE M.C., BRUNETTI M., COPPOLA A. & BARONI C., Dendroclimatic relevance of “Bosco Antico”, the most ancient living European larch wood in the southern Rhaetian Alps (Italy), Pages 35-49
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  • DEL SOLDATO M., RIQUELME A., TOMÁS R., DE VITA P. & MORETTI S., Application of Structure from Motion photogrammetry to multi-temporal geomorphological analyses: case studies from Italy and Spain, Pages 51-66
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  • GIANO S.I., MECCA L., PASCALE S. & SCHIATTARELLA M., Morphometric analysis of the thrust front of the Lucanian Apennine, southern Italy, Pages 67-81
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  • LARA G., PERUCCA L. & ROTHIS M., Morphometric, geomorphologic and flood hazard analysis of an arid mountain river basin, central pre-Andes of Argentina, southwestern South America, Pages 83-97
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  • RODRÍGUEZ-ESTRELLA T., CONESA-GARCÍA C., NAVARRO-HERVÁS F., PÉREZ-CUTILLAS P. & GARCÍA MARIANA F., Evidence of Holocene tectonic activity affecting alluvial fill evolution in the Vega Media of the Segura River, southeastern Spain (Western Mediterranean region), Pages 99-117
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  • VALENZANO E., SCARDINO G., CIPRIANO G., FAGO P., CAPOLONGO D., DE GIOSA F., LISCO S., MELE D., MORETTI M. & MASTRONUZZI G., Holocene morpho-sedimentary evolution of the Mar Piccolo basin (Taranto, southern Italy), Pages 119-135
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