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Supplements of Geografia Fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria
Volume V - 2001


Proceedings of the 8th Italian Glaciological Meeting


Variazioni di spessore e di volume della lingua del ghiacciaio dei Forni (Alpi centrali, gruppo Ortles-Cevedale) nel XX secolo. Risultati e confronti di metodologie – Forni Glacier (Central Alps, Ortles-Cevedale Group): area and volume tongue variations during the 20 th century. Methods and results

Pages 121-128


Area and volume variations of the Forni Glacier tongue during the 20 th century were computed by compa ring three different maps , surveyed in 1929, 1953 and 1998 respe ctively. Digital Elevation Mod els (OEM) relevant to the above mentioned epoc hs were carr ied out and compared in ARC/INFO environment . As no maps were available for 1998 glacial tong ue surface, a proper topographic survey was carr ied out using carrier-phase OGPS technique. Area and volume variations occurred from 1929 to 1953 are – 0.70 km 2 and abo ut -70 million m’ (-44 m w.e.) respectively, while the values for the following period are – 0.45 km 2 and about – 15.5 million m’ (- 22 m w.e.) respectively. The results obtained app lying the above mentioned meth od for the 1929-1953 peri – od were compared with those analyt ically obtained by Abbadessa in 1955, giving a good fit .

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