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Volume 34 (2) – 2011



  • AUCELLI P.P.C., FORTINI P., ROSSKOPF C.M., SCORPIO V. & VISCOSI V. Recent channel adjustments and riparian vegetation response: some examples from Molise (Italy), Pages 161-173.
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  • DUNCAN R., GINESU S., SECCHI F. & SIAS S., The recent evolution of the Sinis region (western coast of Sardinia, Italy) on the basis of new radiometric data of the pliocenic volcanism, Pages 175-181.
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  • LENTINI G., CRISTOFANELLI P., DUCHI R., MARINONI A., VERZA G., VUILLERMOZ E., TOFFOLON R. & BONASONI P., Mount Rwenzori (4750 m a.s.l., Uganda): meteorological characterization and Air-Mass transport analysis, Pages 183-193.
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  • LEONELLI G., BATTIPAGLIA G., CHERUBINI P., MORRA DI CELLA U. & PELFINI M., Chemical elements and heavy metals in European larch tree rings from remote and polluted sites in the European Alps, Pages 195-206
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  • MASTRONUZZI G., CAPUTO R., DI BUCCI D., FRACASSI U., IURILLI V., MILELLA M., PIGNATELLI C., SANSÒ P. & SELLERI G., Middle-Late Pleistocene evolution of the Adriatic coastline of Southern Apulia (Italy) in response to relative sea-level changes, Pages 207-221.
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  • MICCADEI E., MASCIOLI F., ORRÙ P., PIACENTINI T. & PULIGA G., Late Quaternary paleolandscape of submerged inner continental shelf areas of Tremiti Islands archipelago (northern Puglia), Pages 223-234.
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  • RASKA P., KIRCHNER K. & RASKA M., Winter microclimatic regime of low-altitude scree slopes and its relation to topography: case study from the Ceske Stredohori Mts. (N Czech Republic), Pages 235-246.
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  • RIBOLINI A., ISOLA I., ZANCHETTA G., BINI M. & SULPIZIO R., Glacial features on the Galicica Mountains, Macedonia: preliminary
    , Pages 247-255.
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  • BARONI C., BONDESAN A. & MORTARA G. (eds.), Report of the glaciological survey of 2010, Pages 257-326.
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  • NEWSLETTER, Pages 327-335.
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